Day one



Section One: The Asian Clinical Landscape



Section Two: Regional Clinical Operation and Project Management

Day Two



Section Three: Partnership Strategies & Inovating Trials In Asia



Section Four:Data Collection, Quality & Risk Management

Summit Background

Over the years, Asia has increasingly become the hotbed and destination for the clinical research. From one side, increasingly global pharmaceutical companies have recognized the importance and advantages to integrate Asia into the global early and late phase clinical development but also meanwhile the Asian clinical research markets are further driven and facilitated by the rapidly transforming Asian Local R&D Innovation.

A part of our highly successful Clinical Trials series, the event, which attracts over 180 attendees, will build upon ACTLS 2014 and examine partnerships and outsourcing strategies; key regulatory changes and the effects these have had on Asian market access; best practice techniques in clinical operations; Data Collection, Quality & Risk Management; and also address the need to protect intellectual property and ensure safety, transparency and quality as well as logistical hurdles so as to keep up to date with the pace of growth in the region and maintain the clinical trials boom in Asia.

Previous and current speakers
  • Min Irwin, M.D., Ph.D.
    Vice President, Medical Head
  • Nadina Jose, M.D.
    Managing Director
  • Jingsong Wang, M.D.
    Head of China R&D
  • Joanne Liu
    Director, Global Data Management & Standard
    Merck & Co.
  • Ming Ji, M.D., Ph.D.
    Senior Medical Director, Clinical Safety Evalu
  • Frank Jiang, M.D., Ph.D.
    Vice President, Global R&D/Head, China R&D  
  • Joseph Scheeren
    Senior Vice President, Head of Global Regulato
    Bayer Healthcare, China
  • Simon Li, M.D., Ph.D
  • Cem Ozesen
    Medical Director
    MSD, Korea
  • Serina Stretton
    Head of Medical Writing
    ProScribe – Envision Pharma Group, Australia
  • Ravisekhar Kasibhatta
    Vice President, Clinical Research
    Lupin Pharmaceuticals, India
  • Pierre Letecheur
    Director, International Centre for Therapeutic
    Servier, China
  • Anfan Wu
    Head, Early Development
    Roche R&D Center (China) Ltd.
  • Min Irwin
    VP, Medicines Development
    Glaxo Smith Kline(China) R&D Company
  • Joan Shen
    Chief Medical Director
    Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine
  • Henry H. Sun
    Vice President
    Tasly Group Co., Ltd.
  • Helen Aunedi
    Clinical Operations Director
    Baxter APAC
  • Stewart Geary
    Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer,
    Corporate Medical Affairs Headquarters, Eisai, Japan
  • Paul Dai
    Senior Director, Regional Head of ICRO AMAC/Gr
    Beijing Novartis Pharma Co., Ltd.
  • Rebecca Dai
    Head, Global Clinical Program and Study Manage
    Global Clinical Development, Bayer HealthCare
  • Zaiqi Wang
    Executive Director Clinical Research
    MSD China R&D Co.,Ltd
  • Yinxiang Wang
    CEO & CSO
    Zhejiang Beta Pharma Inc.
  • Nick Chia
    Asia Medical Director
    Ipsen, China
Who attends?
  • Research and Development
  • Clinical Research and Development
  • Clinical Operation
  • Clinical Project management
  • Clinical outsourcing,Strategic sourcing & procurement
  • Clinical business development
  • Compliance and Regulatory affairs
  • Quality assurance
  • Clinical supply chain & logistics
  • Medical affairs
  • Pharmacovigilance& Drug safety
  • Data management
  • Biostatistics
Who exhibits?
  • Pharmas/Biopharmas
  • Biotechs
  • Research institutes/Hospitals,Academia
  • Clinical Research/Clinical Trials Services
  • Supply Chain Solution
  • Cold Storage & Warehousing
  • Compliance and Validation Services
  • Contract Research Services
  • Central Lab Services
  • Diagnostic Equipment/Services
  • Database/Data management service
  • Electronic Data Capaturing Systems
  • Clinical Trial Management System
  • Clinical research consulting service
  • Imaging Systems/ Imaging Analysis
  • Site management organization
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Legal Companies
  • BioParks
Media outlets
  • 转化医学网
  • 丁香园
  • 掌上医讯英文介绍
  • Pharma China
  • Asia Pacific Biotech News
  • GBI
  • pharmaphorum’s
  • MedSci

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